In a fast-growing and ever-changing market, it is essential to listen to consumer concerns.

Regarding our actives, we prefer good quality than big quantities, high efficiency than high prices. We give the product its chance. Our mission is to inform and explain. We take the time to present our ingredients, the clinical studies and comparative tests to enable you to benefit from the latest technical, technological or scientific advances.

Most of our products are also used in the veterinary field. Several of them have specific clinical studies focusing on horses, dogs or cats.


In collaboration with our industrial partners, we market a range of active ingredients, preservatives and innovative biopolymers designed to create natural cosmetic ingredients that will be used today and tomorrow.

The numerous technical innovations of our laboratories allow us to propose to our customers several natural biomimetic ingredients, able to replace many synthetic substances such as microplastics, preservatives or silicones. These natural biopolymers are the result of several years of research. Most of them are Ecofriendly certified and are supported by several scientific studies and evidences.


Intensive use of hydroalcoholic gels and disinfection products are necessary to prevent contamination, but may have very serious consequences on the physical integrity of users, especially in caregivers and all the people whose activity leads them to use irritants or aggressive substances on a regular basis. Almost all disinfection products cause significant skin irritation.

We offer revolutionary hand and surface disinfection products. These natural biopolymers combine barrier effects and skin care. In addition to a remarkable effectiveness against pathogens (virucide, antibacterial, antifungal, etc.), our gels, soaps and shampoos protect the skin and hair against aggressions.


The COVID-19 ‘s crisis shows us every day how strategic diagnostic tools are in the fight against infectious diseases, epidemics and, in general, against all microbiological threats to the pharmaceutical industries, veterinary, cosmetic or food processing.

We offer many animal blood fractions, different species and different grades. The production site is located near Hamburg in Germany and we are able to deliver small quantities (one unit in some cases) and very large volumes.

We control the production process from collection to shipment, ensuring total traceability of our products.

Conscious of our responsibility to animals, we collect our materials under the strict adherence to the principles established by WOAH. All certificates and registrations are available upon request



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