Perillic acid

Highly effective natural preservative for all cosmetic formulas
R-Perillic acid is an ultra-pure mono terpene derivative and one of the main metabolites of mono terpenes found naturally in plants. This very high-performance substance is obtained by natural fermentation. The antimicrobial and antifungal spectrum of R-Perillic acid is very broad and gives it a much greater efficacy than parabens, halogenated compounds or formaldehydes, which are often incompatible with many ingredients.
Very broad efficacy: Gram-positive, Gram-negative, yeast, mold, mycobacteria
Protects cosmetic formulations against micro-organisms but also against oxidation and chemical decomposition


The natural self-tanner for a naturally homogeneous and safe tan. Produced by microbiological fermentation, Erythrulose is a natural alternative to DHA:

Non-irritating, more stable and especially less aggressive on the skin Erythrulose gives a more progressive and more durable tan, limiting the excessive desquamation often seen with DHA.

In addition, Erythrulose ensures a more homogeneous tan and a more natural appearance even in case of irregular application. Finally, unlike DHA, Erythrulose is less sensitive to microbiological contamination and has no negative effect on the hydration of the epidermis.

Chitosan MS

Chitosan MS is a natural, mutifonctional biopolymer composed of fungal chitosan and mandelic acid whose broad-spectrum antimicrobial action can replace the usual preservatives in cosmetic formulas.
Chitosan MS  is also a natural alternative to silicones, micro-plastics and cross-linked polymers. It can be used in shampoos, soaps as well as dog and cat care.
BIODEGRADABLE, and adapted to organic formulas, the Chitosan MS makes it possible to treat very effectively skin abnormalities (acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis).

Vegetal chitosan

Natural biopolymers for life-friendly cosmetics from
Vegetal chitosan can be used in all cosmetic products (skin care, deodorants, hair care, cosmetics, oral hygiene, etc.). Chitosan has very interesting technical characteristics: antimicrobial activity and booster of preservatives, coating properties, moisturizer, repairer, mucoadhesive… These next-generation natural biopolymers are used to create natural products and to replace certain synthetic silicones, microplastics and cross-linked polymers.

Marine chitosan

Creating multifunctional biopolymers from the circular economy
Produced from exoskeletons of shrimp, the chitosan of marine origin that we propose is manufactured using shrimp shell initialy wasted from shrimp farms.
We offer different grades, qualities, viscosities, to allow you to adapt our products to your needs. The technical characteristics of marine chitosan are highly appreciated because of the multiple applications they offer: antimicrobial activity and preservative booster, film-forming, hydrating, protective, mucoadhesive, etc.

Ecklonia Bicyclis – Ecklonia Cava

All the power of nature in a unique global anti-ageing
Ecklonia BICYCLIS and Ecklonia CAVA are two edible brown algae composed of antioxidant polyphenols much more powerful than those of terrestrial plants (vitamins C and E, catechins, Resveratrol, Pycnogenol, etc.). These substances, called PHLOROTANNINS, are found exclusively in brown algae. They are produced by polymerization of phloroglucinol. These antioxidants have a UNIVERSAL ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY, offer an EXTENDED PROTECTION.
The more benzene ring a molecule contains, the higher its antioxidant potential is: compared to Resveratrol (which contains 2 benzene rings) and green tea catechins (which contain 4 benzene rings), the active compounds of Ecklonia Cava have 26 and those of Ecklonia Bicyclis have 32! This has given these algae the nickname of “free radicals killers”.


A VIRUCIDE, HYPOALLERGENIC disinfectant that provides extended protection of treated hands and surfaces.Tests show that the product is effective against new viral loads for 48 hours after application . Available in a hydroalcoholic or NON-ALCOHOLIC version with the same efficiency.
It meets the following standards:
  • Bactericide EN 1500
  • Levuricide EN 13624
  • Virucide EN 14476

Hypogen is an innovative, biodegradable solution from renewable resources.

Microbiological data on request

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