aXichem is an innovative Swedish biotechnology company specialising in the development of natural analogue ingredients. Their brand new product aXivite is a natural analogue substance, Phenyl-capsaicin. It is a synthetic developed and patented capsaicin. Since it is developed synthetically, it has several advantages compared to natural capsaicin, such as controllable quality and production process, a highly stable molecule and an excellent value. The product is suited for nutraceuticals.


Eggnovo is a Spanish, biotechnology based partner that offers an innovative and widely useable Eggshell Membrane Powder, produced by a patented and environmentally friendly process.

Supported by various own studies this raw material contains Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine and Chondroitine as well as many other ingredients in combination naturally, while these components often are already used as single ingredient or in combination in many products.

Kraeber & Co GmbH

Kraeber & Co GmbH is an independent, technology-oriented family business based in Ellerbek on the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany. They sell Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), synthetically derived products and biological substances of animal or plant origin. Their department for Bioscience Solutions develops and produces substances for medical devices, diagnostic and laboratory purposes.

The pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and feed industry is their business area resting upon long-standing expertise combined with profound knowledge of the international markets.


Is an independent manufacturer and Wholesaler of the finest and purest full spectrum Ecklonia Bicyclis and Ecklonia Cava in the World. They are offering the best natural antioxidant from brown algae that can be used in nutraceuticals (global anti-ageing) and cosmetical (skin). These highly purified extracts are produced using a unique and patented extraction process that uses only purified water. These extract are known in Asia for centuries and a very abundant literature and clinical tests show its high interest in several diseases treatment such as cardiovascular, diabetes, erectile disfunction, fibromyalgia…